Tom Hiddleston, the gift that keeps on giving

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Please reblog if you know anyone who might take party drugs.

I’m not an emt yet, but everytime I see someone do drugs, I just hope they’re smart enough to remember these points.

I really love this, because as someone with anxiety when I did take party drugs way back when I was always scared of going to the hospital because I didnt want to be arrested…..even when I bad tripped and cried in the bathroom for 10 hours because I thought Jeff was trying to murder me. I dont do party drugs anymore, but it still is comforting to me….seriously.

Most EMTS and medics I’ve met are some of the most non-judgmental folks ever. Look, we love helping people and saving lives. That’s what we went to school for. Help us help you, and everyone will fare better for it. 

Not into drugs but seriously, if you are, take these advices, your life is worth it!

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some thoughts are so private that you only share them with a therapist or 17,000 people on the internet

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And in that moment Kol realized that the “always & forever” promise was a lie, no body was searching for him, no one even bother, he died and siblings forgot about him and their promise as well








Kol thinks his siblings are being ridiculous in NOLA too so he instead comes to visit people in Mystic Falls

Headcanon that Kol is just shouting at them from the Other Side all the time.

"Klaus you degenerate CRYBABY, get your head out of your arse and just rule the city for Christsakes."

"Rebekah where the fuck have you gone, baby sister??"

"Elijah…. I hate that suit."

"Seriously people, you are so boring you’re making me miss FINN."

^^^ GOLD. Headcanon completely accepted! I’m cracking up. When he misses Finn, you know it’s serious.

"Why are you crying over that blonde human? JUST EAT HER."

"Has ANYBODY noticed the wolf’s been pregnant for 10 MONTHS?"

"For fuck’s sake, she’s pregnant with your nephew Elijah. YOUR NEPHEW."

^^^The REAL reason Kol can’t be on TO.

Since he was the only one that called Rebekah on the bull of her crying over his death for less than 10 minutes, we all know he’d never buy into the Nola bullshit Julie’s been feeding us.

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Here is my wish list for TVD through the end of the season:

1. Caroline gets some; maybe even multiple times
2. Caroline spices up her wardrobe
3. Seriously. New Caroline wardrobe, please. Let’s think more season 3, folks.
4. Caroline and Enzo become BFFs and then add the occasional “benefits” to it
5. Liz dies.
6. Caroline kicks some fucking ass.
7. Repeat as necessary

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Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress. —Kiera Cass (via maxonshreaves)

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So what happened?